What our clients have to say about Larson Financial

"I incurred over $500,000 in liability for taxes, penalties and interest because of personal and professional reversals over several years. Larson Financial took over my case from another tax resolution company and successfully negotiated an offer in compromise for approximately 35% of the total liability.

The staff at Larson Financial were knowledgeable, efficient, professional and persistent. I found their fees to be reasonable for the work performed. If they had not helped me resolve my issues with the IRS on such a reasonable basis, my family would have suffered tremendously and I would have been ruined professionally. They stuck by me through a very difficult time and wouldn't quit until they obtained a good result. I have referred several businesses and individuals with tax problems to them and I will continue to do so."
     Bill H, Greenville, NC

"We owed $36,000 when we started, and set up $1,500 per month payments. Will owe less than $16,000."
      Matt F, Cincinnati, OH

"I was facing a tax debt of over $75,000.00 and now I will only end up paying $15,000.00 over the life of the payment plan. Larson Financial helped me settle this debt for less than what was owed."
      Tony P, Kapolei HI

"Prior to working with Larson Financial, we worked with another company that showed us little hope in resolving our tax issues. We were concerned that no company would be able to help, but making the choice to change representation and work with Larson Financial was the right decision. The staff was in constant communication throughout the whole process, helping to alleviate a very stressful situation. Through their diligent work we were able to not only reach a resolution, but reach it quicker than expected. We are thankful for the Larson team and highly recommend the company to anyone seeking help with their tax issues."
      Carol & Larry S, Bremen, OH

"When we started working with Larson-Fincancial, we owed $80,000 in past taxes. Warren Brown and his staff dealt with the IRS for us and settled our debt for $13,000. Our total cost including services paid to Larson was less than 25% of the original $80,000 due. Thank you Larson-Financial for lifting such a heavy burden."
      The Moore's, St. Petersburg, FL.

"For numerous reasons I had neglected to file my Income Taxes for four years. Over time, helped by the fact that my government salary with holdings were coming from four locations in three countries, this somehow ended up involving multiple IRS offices and a considerable amount of money. The system absorbed all due yearly tax returns and then started to collect approximately 15% of my pay.

Not having any subject matter expertise for dealing with anyone or thing having any association with the IRS, I contacted Larson Financial. Shortly I then had a telephone interview with a Senior Tax Consultant who, once I had provided what requested data that I could, took charge of interfacing with the IRS. As I received input or demands from the assorted IRS offices I forwarded their documents to this Consultant who took over my interface with the IRS structure.

As my tax situation evolved I was kept appraised of the status. The latest report is that, from owing considerable amounts due to the multiple IRS offices, it appears that I will be receiving a good deal of the attached funds back and be clear of the system. This I owe to the efforts of my Larson Consultant."
      E. Rowan, CO

We strive to save our clients money, time and stress.  Just as there are many different tax related problems, there are many options for tax resolution.  Call us at 888-902-0778 for a free consultation. In a few minutes we will help you to better assess what options are best for your unique situation.

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